In-Line Turbidity Measurement

Sigrist AquaScat S

Offering measurement directly into the water the Sigrist AquaScat S can be used in potable water treatment, beverage industries, food production and...

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Measuring Flow Rates in Manufacturing

Food Processor Increases Product Consistency 

A large food processor mixes various portions of vegetables, means and liquids in large vats during the process of making stew. They require accurate...

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Multiple Sensors on a Single Analyser

A Sophisticated Online Particle Counter

Processplus were recently involved in the removal and reinstall of a number of Particle Counters to ensure all instrumentation was mounted in the...

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MEICAT & Chlorine Analyser Solution

Chlorine Discharge Consents Solution

Processplus were contracted to install instrumentation on five service reservoir outlets. The aim of the project was to ensure the chlorine discharge...

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Malvern Zetasizer WT Successful Install

Zeta Potential Monitor Installation 

Our multi-disciplined engineering team have just completed their first install of the Malvern Zetasizer WT on a water treatment plant in the North...

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Radar Level Technology

Understanding Radar Level Measurement

Radar level technology is proving a popular level measurement process instrument for environmental and water industries. Unlike other level sensors...

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Tubidity in Distilling

Distilling : Turbidity Measurement

To achieve the best results in distilling in particular in the beer process, filtration is essential. Fully colour-compensated turbidity measurement...

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Oil & Gas Solutions

Process Instrumentation Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Working with leading process instrumentation manufacturers and with a team of fully qualified and experienced application engineers we are uniquely...

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