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An international express parcel delivery service operating throughout the UK, Europe and International destinations offering same day, next day and express parcel services.

Processplus were invited in to their Edinburgh Depot by Senior Management who were looking at improving efficiency by installing a PowerSave unit.

PowerSave Units are designed to maintain the supply at the optimum voltage and achieve this dynamically whereas many other products on the market simply give a fixed reduction in Voltage and so do not truly optimise the voltage or offer the same levels of savings or protection from supply variations.

A fixed-ratio voltage reduction may cause problems if the supply voltage reduces, whilst a PowerSave energy saving voltage regulator will automatically compensate for this. In many cases the PowerSave Unit will safely allow not only reductions in voltage but also for an even larger voltage reduction and thus enhance the savings.

Processplus were able to fully assess the requirement and identify a sequence of work that would ensure minimum downtime for the business with maximum impact once solutions were installed and commissioned

The whole process was project managed by the Engineering team within Processplus and included the relocation of all old and new equipmentto the designated plant room. New cable trunking was fitted between the bypass switch and power save unit as well as fitting new cabling between the bypass switch to the main DB.

The project was complete within 4 days and the client was extremely satisfied with the work and outcome.