A Complete Instrument Solution.

A varied portable monitoring system designed to measure different compounds.
<p>A <em>Complete Instrument </em>Solution.</p>
<p>A <em>Complete Instrument </em>Solution.</p>
<p>A <em>Complete Instrument </em>Solution.</p>

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Client: Scottish Water Location: Selkirk, Scotland Skills: Process Engineering, Electrical maintenance Process Instruments Design Date: Value:

Processplus were asked to support one of Scotland’s largest and most successful private engineering companies by supplying a complete instrument solution for their client at Selkirk Wastewater Treatment Works.

After initial visual inspection of the site at Selkirk Processplus Engineers were able to put together a detailed plan that would ensure both upstream and downstream river instrumentation was able to accurately record water quality, flow and river levels.

A unique tank and board were specifically built to house a number of instruments monitoring a variety of different compounds i.e. nitrate, ammonia, pH and dissolved oxygen. This system is portable, when linked to a power source, to allow the customer to monitor different points downstream.

Instruments were installed, tested and calibrated on a control panel which was manufactured on the Processplus Dunfermline site by our team of experienced engineers and then transported to the client site.