Food Processor Increases Product Consistency 

Sitrans FM1100F Flow Meter Solution

A large food processor mixes various portions of vegetables, means and liquids in large vats during the process of making stew. They require accurate flow measurement of the ingredients gong into vats to maintain the quality and consistency of the end product.

The customer was using older mechanical instruments to measure the flow rates within their process. Their mechanical meter meters required periodic maintenance and recalibration, they were providing inaccurate measurements resulting in inconsistencies in the end product.

It follows that to overcome the inaccuracy issues the instrumentation had to be replaced. The Siemens Sitrans FMMAG1100F electromagnetic (mag) flow meter with PFA lining was suggested. This flow meter provides an accuracy of +/- 0.2% of flow rate, providing a higher quality and much more consistent measurement.

The mag meter may have a higher initial cost than the older mechanical instruments, but the decrease in lost product means the Siemens MAG meter will provide better value over time. Additional cost savings were also made due to the quick and easy set up, no downtime involved and no ongoing maintenance.

The MAG1100F flow meter's performance is unaffected by tge suspended solids, viscosity abd temperature challenges typically found in food manufacturing processes.