Chlorine Discharge Consents Solution

Processplus were contracted to install instrumentation on five service reservoir outlets. The aim of the project was to ensure the chlorine discharge consents were within the strict parameters set by the regulating authority.

Each of the five sites had their own challenges including under-pressure tapping network, mains pipes, major civils works, road crossings, traffic management and new installations of GRP kiosks.

The Civils team worked with the Instrumentation engineers to ensure a complete MEICAT solution.

Where required GRP kiosks were installed, new ducts were connected for signal and power cabling as well on some sites for the water feed to and from the kiosk.

Chlorine monitors from the manufacturer Pi were used for the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels within the water. They were supplied on sample panels which were housed in the kiosks on each site.

Key benefits of these chlorine monitors include -

  • Low purchase cost
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduced pH dependency
  • Stable and reliable
  • Bufferless
  • Reagentless

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Pi Chlorine Analyser