Our range of valve products includes the extremely versatile Siemens range of PS2 valve positioners which are characterised by simple operation, negligible air consumption, extensive system diagnostics, SIL2 approval and an extremely simple installation with automatic commissioning through a self adjusting zero and span. With the highest quality of control and the lowest of air losses this positioner can operate both linear and part turn actuators in one device.

The SIPART PS2 positioner is used in the following industries:

• Chemical and petrochemical

• Power stations

• Paper and glass

• Water / wastewater

• Food and pharmaceuticals

• Offshore Oil and Gas

Basic designs available:

• Single-action actuators: in plastic, stainless steel or aluminum casings, as well as flameproof aluminium (EEx d)

• Double-action actuators: in plastic and stainless steel casing, as well as flameproof aluminum (EEx d)

• For non-hazardous applications and hazardous applications in the designs:

- as intrinsically-safe device (EEx ia/ib) or

- in flameproof aluminum casing (EEx d) or

- in EEx n design (non sparking)

• and in the versions:

- 0/4 to 20 mA control communication without / with communication through HART signal

- With PROFIBUS PA communication interface

- With FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) communications interface.

For further details on our Valve Positioner instruments please contact our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825343.