Processplus are proud to be partners with bNovate Technologies - developers of the BactoSense


How do you know when drinking water is safe?

By monitoring microbial parameters and detecting bacterial contaminations using BactoSense, detection of contaminations is easy.

Developed by our partners - bNovate Technologies, the BactoSense is an automatic flow cytometer used for monitoring drinking water and used widely in the drinking water industry.

Accuracy is high with 99.9% of Bacteria detected and bacteria count results delivered within 20 minutes.

BactoSense is extremely user friendly - the entire process from sampling to analysis and cleaning is fully automatic and can be monitored online which negates the need for trained staff.

To find out more about how the chemicals and waste are contained and how the results are stored download the:

Bactosense Datasheet

Download the BactoSense Brochure

To enquire simply contact us or visit bNovate

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