Processplus recognise the need for accurate, reliable and long-lasting process gas analysers and as accredited Siemens Solution Partner we are able to offer innovative and modern solutions.

The range of process gas analysers include the SITRANS LDS6 a tuneable diode laser based, in-situ, gas analyser that has been designed to measure the component of interest directly in the stack, duct or process stream without any sampling handling or conditioning system. It allows accurate measurement of highly reactive components like NH3, HF, HCI or water as well as CO and CO2 in dirty, dusty and often corrosive environments where other sampling systems for extractive analysers would be prone to failure. There are other Siemens in situ analysers available. Note that in-situ analysers are inherently much faster in response time than more conventional, extractive analysers and this can be a great advantage in many applications.

As well as in situ analysers Siemens offer an extensive range of more conventional extractive analysers covering applications in process monitoring and CEMS. The weakness of extractive analysers is their requirement for sample gas conditioning systems. To overcome the difficulties associated with sample conditioning Siemens also offer complete system solutions which compromise a range of SETS. These include -

  • The SET BGA (Biogas Analyser) a standardised system for stationary, continuous operation for the analysis of landfill gas, sewage gas and biogas
  • The SET CV (Calorific Value) is a standardised system for determining the quality of natural gas with SITRANS CV and MICROSAM
  • The SET CEM 1 is a standardised system specifically for monitoring the emission components in flue gases.

For further details on our range of Gas Analysers please call our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825343.