Scottish Water Supply Chain - Water Treatment

Processplus are Scottish Water Framework suppliers for Process Instrumentation so were delighted to exhibit at this year's Scottish Water Supply Chain Conference in Glasgow.

The event was focussing on "Reflecting on Progress and Preparing for the Future". Scottish Water outlined their plans for 2018-21, the new regulatory period from 2021-27 and how they were approaching their supply chain design for the future.

The Processplus team were showcasing the latest in water treatment innovation from their product portfolio including -

The Malvern Zetasizer - a fully automate online sensor for continuous zeta potential monitoring that enables the proactive, precise and cost efficient control of charge neutralization processes.

The Sigrist Oilguard 2 - for oil trace and monitoring in raw water, storm water, wastewater and process water.

The Syrinix Pipeminder Range - an innovative leakage detection range assiting water utilities to make informed decisions.

For a copy of the full presentation or to find out more about any of these process instruments please email

Water Treatment Innovative Solutions