Innovative Technology -  The Syrinix Pipeminder Range

Assisting Water Utilities To Make Informed Decisions

Processplus listen to our customers to assist them address the major issues they face in their daily operations.

A repetitive area of concern which could lead to major issues is leakage. This is particular relevant in the water utilities sector.

The water utilities highlighted that new ways of detecting and reducing leaks is essential to ensure their infrastructure continues to work.

Whilst considering the options and reviewing previous similar issues Processplus were delighted to meet with supplier Syrinix.

Syrinix are an award-winning leader in providing intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions for clearer network insights to assist in sourcing leakage detection.

Processplus had assisted Syrinix with flow measurement in a pipe line on a previous project so had knowledge of their Pipeminder instrument which is able to record high resolution monitoring in pipes.

The innovative Pipeminder technology offers solutions for clean water, wastewater networks and pipelines - an innovative leakage detection technology.

Their range includes –

PIPEMINDER – S – High resolution pressure and flow data logging for greater network insight, transient and burst detection.

PIPEMINDER - C – High-resolution insight for rising (forced) mains.

PIPEMINDER - T –Precision leak detection and locating for critical trunk/transmission mains, acts as a pre-cursor to catastrophic failure.

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High Resolution Insight