Food Manufacturing Flow Meter Success

<p>Food Manufacturing Flow Meter Success</p>
<p>Food Manufacturing Flow Meter Success</p>

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A large food manufacturer requiring accurate flow measurement of ingredients were experiencing inaccurate measurements and inconsistencies in the end product.

The large food mixers containing various batches of vegetables, meats and liquids required accurate flow measurement of the ingredients. Maintaining the quality and consistency of the end product was essential, but due to the age of the mechanical instruments there were some inconsistencies which were leading to loss of product and continued maintenance of instruments was leading to downtime in operations.

To overcome these inaccuracy issues, the SITRANS FM Mag100F electromagnetic (mag) flow meter with PFA lining was recommended. By installing this MAG flow to measure the ingredients with an accuracy of +/-0.2% the flow rate measurement helps to provide a higher quality and much more consistent end product.

The mag meter may have had an initial higher cost than the original mechanical instrument that the customer was using, but the decrease in loss product has resulted in the instrument being better value. Additional cost savings resulted from no maintenance requirements and less process downtime, along with quick and easy start up.