Much more than a supplier, Processplus are a specialised contractor, a sensing, measurement and reporting solution provider.

Over the last two decades Processplus have amassed an enviable reputation serving the municipal and process industry sectors with measurement led solutions to enhance processes, product quality and environmental stewardship.

We recognise that as companies reduce on-site support services they become more dependant than ever on the partner companies they contract. Many companies, engaging local and known installation contractors still benefit significantly in their project costing with the engagement of specialised systems commissioning. In this respect Processplus provides a high quality service at a budgeted cost. Our training and experience combined with the latest technology is our guarantee of complete client satisfaction.

Some historic solutions include:

The provision of analytical measurement solutions for many of Scotland’s water treatment works.

Vehicle tracking, mobile workflow and operations reporting for one of Scotland’s most progressive local councils.

Offshore supply vessel fuel metering systems for engine consumption and fuel bunkering with ticket print billing systems for offshore rig supply.

Flow measurement and batch control systems for one of the UK’s premier chemical distribution companies.

Chemical plant multi-tank level systems for tank filling high level alarm and control.

Effluent treatment plant and processes for two of Scotland’s most prestigious Golf Club and Hotel complexes

Accurate flow measurement and flow proportional sampling, realising up to 50% reduction in trade effluent charges.

Chemical plant COD, pH and Temperature monitoring and recording in conjunction with complex multi-bottle shift and alarm self-emptying and self-cleaning sampling.

Instrumentation supply and support contracts for Scotland’s largest Water Industry PFI contract.

Municipal tanker logging and tracking systems, providing process optimisation, auditable information and eliminating rogue dumping.