Vessel Monitoring System

The Vessel Monitoring System most commonly used is the AQ400 which automatically enables a 'real time' view of all critical vessel. Information including:

  • Crew time on/off shift
  • Engine run times
  • Fuel level
  • Oil Temperature
  • Tank soundings
  • Exact location
  • Number of passengers (including details if required e.g. child, wheelchair)
  • Water taxi pickup information and confirmation (booking & pickup)

Shore Based Kiosk

The shore based kiosks will connect to the server to retrieve pages displaying relevant pickup or shuttle information.

The shore based web kiosk at the fixed stops displays the following features:

  • Time to next pickup
  • Location of all ferries and water taxis in the area
  • Calling of water taxis
  • Indicate passengers awaiting pickip
  • Show & book taxi by phone details
  • Chow local information (events, maps, etc)
  • Display 'Paid for' advertising
  • Booking local services(hotels, cars, retaurants, etc)

Web Server

The web server will drive both the shore kiosks & vessel monitoring system.

It supports the following activities:

  • Supports book by phone or over the web
  • Send alert SMS messages when the taxi is due to arrive
  • Sends booking confirmations to mobile phones and/or PCs
  • Shows taci booking sheets and can generate financial reports
  • Sends booking information to the water taxis
  • Provides up to the minute passenger numbers on all boats
  • Can automatically update timetables in the event of a breakdown
  • Can create update file for financial and maintenance packages
  • With location based services directions and time to pickip points can be provided to mobiles
  • Automated time table variations due to tide/river levels etc

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