The receipt of domestic waste is an important revenue stream; however its administration can be time consuming and costly. Coupled with the requirement in the UK to charge for the strength of the waste in line with OFWAT recommendations, domestic waste reception can be difficult to manage. We recognise these challenges and our range of domestic waste reception systems provided many customers with a powerful solution.

The monitoring solution is designed to provide the ideal platform for the examination of tanker movements, encompassing an accurate recording of the quality and quantity of waste delivered by each individual tanker.

Each vehicle operates with a ‘smart card’ or ’key fob’ that enables the driver to log onto the system. At the reception station, the driver couples up his tanker to the inlet point and, once logged on, the actuated valve automatically opens to allow flow into the treatment inlet system.

Previously for our customers, the ability to accurately monitor the source of tankered waste delivered to their treatment sites has proved to be problematic. The biggest challenge is identifying from where single or multiple industrial, controlled waste or sludge has been collected. We are now able to take advantage of the use of state-of-the-art RFID technology installed at waste collection points or to include tanker based logging solutions, to accurately determine the source of waste and hence complete an audit trail of the waste movements. This ‘Source to Destination’ technology can be retrofitted to any existing waste loggers.

Basic specification:

  • Volume delivered
  • Vehicle details
  • Time and date stamp of delivery
  • Duration of delivery
  • Measured solids content of delivery
  • System issues
  • All delivered transactions posted on TidoN Web site
  • SMS messaging to tanker drivers via TidoN Environmental web services
  • Centralised data management via TidoN Environmental web services
  • Web based management of site and card access times
  • Automatic alerts to customers based on pre-defined specific site events
  • An automated tiered charging system to satisfy both regulators and customers
  • Faxing services via TidoN website

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