Belt Scales and Belt Speed Sensors are designed for retro-fitting to existing conveyor belts and together with mating electronics (an Integrator) form a system allowing the mass flow rate and total flow rate along the belt to be measured accurately. The Integrator unit provides analogue output and optionally a range of digital communication interfaces. Our Belt Weighers are fully engineered solids transfer stations incorporating a conveyor belt and weigh bridge and when coupled to a suitable integrator they provide full mass flow measurement and batching capability.

Impact flow meters work by converting the horizontal component of the downward flow of granular material into a voltage which is then processed in an Integrator to provide mass flow rate and total flow.

Typical application areas are:-

  • Mining, aggregates and cements industries
  • C.H.P. plant
  • Power and utility industries
  • Grain, foods and vegetables
  • Plastic pellets
  • Agricultural product processing
  • Food and Beverage

For further details on our range of Dynamic Weighing instruments please call our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825 343.