Factors like temperature, pressure, density and viscosity have no influence on the result. The MAG8000 battery meters have been developed as a range of stand alone water meters for applications within:

  • Distribution Network
  • Revenue Metering
  • Water Abstraction
  • Irrigation

The full program consists of three different types of flowmeters making the range unique in that it cover all possible applications where electromagnetic flowmeters are a suitable match.

Battery-operated water meter

Fully electronic battery-operated water meters are the perfect match for drinking water applications like network distribution, revenue metering and irrigation where mains power is not available. In addition, it complies with the MID (EU) and OIML R49 water meter standards and has the MCERTS certificate.

Modular pulsed DC flowmeters

Modular pulsed DC flowmeters cover all ordinary applications within all industries. The wide variety of combinations and versions from the modular system means that ideal adaptation is possible to each measuring task and application.

High-powered flowmeter

High-powered flowmeters are used for difficult applications where other flowmeters can't stand up to the task: this flowmeter can handle liquids and heavy slurries in industries such as mining, cement and pulp & paper.

For further details on our range of Magnetic (Battery) flowmeters please call our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825343.


Size Range From ~6mm to 9000mm
Weight Really light
Accuracy From 0.5%
IP Rating, Sensors To IP68
Length 26 cm
IP Rating, Electronics IP65, IP66, IP67
Supply Voltage Options 115/23Va.c.; 24Vd.c.; battery
Approvals ATEX