Processplus offer a wide selection of devices as well as supporting you with extensive application expertise. Our portfolio includes user-friendly and highly reliable systems with class leading options such as the use of reaction chemistry converting ammonia in solution to a stable monochloromine compound equivalent in concentration to the original ammonia level and measured with a sensor that responds linearly to chloromines and eliminates interference from excess free chlorine in solution. Electronic display and alarm packages provide interface to the system where ammonia concentrations can be displayed together with a secondary display for other operating variables. Operating ranges are 0 – 2 0 or 0 – 20ppm with a low end resolution of about 0.05ppm with response times to changes in ammonia concentration being less than 60 seconds to 90% of a step change in concentration. Relays are available fiving local alarm functions and providing interface with DCS, telemetry or other supervisory instrumentation.

Ammonia monitors can be found in the following industries:

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • River and Stream Water Quality
  • Refrigeration Chillers

For further details on our range of Ammonia Analyser Systems please call ourTechnical Sales Team on 01383 825 343.