Colour (industrial) Systems are built to accommodate up to three different light sources in the ultraviolet and visible ranges. Processplus offer a wide selection of devices, including in-line and flow by-pass options as well as supporting you with extensive application expertise. Our portfolio includes user-friendly and highly reliable systems and by using the proven dual beam method that measures simultaneously the light weakened by passing through the sample and the original beam emerging from the light source, possible sources of error such as light source ageing or temperature effects are adequately compensated for. These methods of measurement are so sensitive that the photometers can verify residual coloration in media that appear colourless to the naked eye. Versions with flame proof encapsulation are available for installation in areas requiring explosion protection

Photometer systems can be found in the following sectors:

  • Water & Waste
  • Brewing and Distilling
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Power and utility industries

For further details on our range of Colour (Industrial) Instruments please call our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825 343.