Siemens Insitu & Extractive Gas Analysers

Emission Monitoring

Working with Siemens we are able to offer a full range of gas analysers including a variety of physical and electrochemical measuring techniques.

A recent project completed by the Siemens team is an excellent example of how Siemens technology can assist with emission monitoring and control objectives to ensure compliance in line with legislative responsibilities.

The energy waste plant faces many challenges and in this case a primary consideration was the stringent emission controls that were in place from the regulator concerning gases produced in stacks as part of the waste incineration process. The second concern was the ongoing business requirement to reduce daily operating costs through optimised processes.

The solution involved the Siemens LDS6 insitu laser gas analyser which offered the benefits of measuring gas emissions during the process rather than at the end, which meant pre-emptive actions could be undertaken when it came to gas cleaning procedures to assist with meeting the cleaner emission targets of the site.

The Siemens technology involved in the project was capable of operating within extremely aggressive conditions that are inherent within the incineration process. High temperatures, dust and a corrosive atmosphere, combine to produce a tough environment and the ability of the LDS6 insitu gas analyser to perform effectively and consistently in such conditions made it an ideal solution.

Operational benefits included making the control of emissions more effective, the use of technology more efficient and with the cost of the project paying for itself within 24 hours of operation the end user was delighted with the results.

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Emissions Monitoring