Guided Wave & Radar Measurement Solution

In tanks containing mixtures of oil and water the two immiscible components separate out and it is often desirable to be able to measure the water / oil interface.

When the interface is well defined (small or negligible emulsion layer) it can be measured easily by Guided Wave Radar. The Siemens LG250 is a new product providing two 4-20mA analogue outputs. One of these is proportional to the top liquid surface level and the other to the water oil interface.

When a continuous measurement is not necessary Siemens Pointek (point level) capacitive instruments easily differentiate between oil and water.


  • High accuracy to +/- 2 mm

  • Advanced Diagnostics available for high degree of safety

  • Simple menu driven display offers ease of setup

  • Large range of options offers reliability in most continuous level measurement applications

  • Ease of maintenance through module design and field replaceable and adjustable probe options

  • Perfect solution for wide range of applications from storage to interface with options for extreme pressure and temperature conditions

  • Universally applicable in liquids, interface, slurries and solids

  • Highly immune to build-up using auto learn function

  • Ability to measure in loss of echo situations with probe end

Measuring Oil & Water