Do You Know What is Flowing through your Process?


Need to know what is flowing through your process? Processplus can offer a non-intrusive, affordable and effective solution!

The ultrasonic flow meter provides numerous advantages over more traditional methods of flow measurement. The main advantage provided is ultrasonic measurements are non-invasive. The flow of fluid is measured by clamping a set of transducers on a pipe. The transducers are placed on the outside of the pipe so they do not come in contact with the fluid.

There are multiple industrial applications that call for the accurate flow measurement. Ultrasonic flow meters are the instrument of choice whenever the contact with the measured fluid isn't possible.

This installation method is perfect for all situations in which neither cutting the pipes and shutting down the process are not possible. They do not cause the pressure to drop and are unlikely to suffer from any mechanical wear and tear due to their external positioning.

There are two types of ultrasonic technologies, Transit-time and Doppler techniques.

Processplus extensive product portfolio includes the latest clamp on from Siemens and Katronic.

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Flow Measurement