Introducing the ASP-Con from Strathkelvin Instruments

The ASP-Con from Strathkelvin Instruments is an Activated Sludge Plant Controller.

An award winning innovation instrument with a Self- Cleaning, and Self-Calibrating system. It can measure up to 20 wastewater parameters, including DO, Ammonia, Nitrate, LSS and SVI. This instrument is in-situ and allows feed forward/feed back control.

The instrument can reduce energy costs substantially, whilst maintaining and improving compliance.

Strathkelvin Instruments are a leading global supplier of precision respirometry and dissolved oxygen instruments for the Biomedical Research, Wastewater Treatment, and Product Testing markets.

Meet the Strathkelvin team and learn more about the ASP-Con at the Processplus Innovation & Technology Day on Thursday 21st June from 1030am. Book your place by clicking here.

Replaces lab tests for MLSS/SVI