Latest Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Probe 

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels is one of the best indicators of the quality of water.

Working with leading instrumentation manufacturer Hach we have recently installed their next generation LDO (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) Probe which benefits from no calibration for the entire 2 year life of the sensor cap.

Ready to measure DO (Dissolved Oxygen) on delivery it provides an accurate measurement that is calibrated prior to shipping to ensure the probe will not drift.

Benefits of this LDO probe include -

No Calibration Required

Using luminescent dissolved oxygen technology eliminates the need for a DO sensor calibration.

No Membranes to Replace

There is virtually no maintenance with Hach's breakthrough luminescent technology. There are no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solution to replenish, and no anode or cathode to clean.

No Missed Cleaning Cycles

The Hach LDO probe is equipped with Prognosys, a predictive diagnostic system, that allows you to be proactive in your maintenance by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues.

Ability to customise the service indicators to trigger a service message so that a cleaning cycle is never missed.

No Drift

Cutting-edge 3D calibration procedure is conducted prior to shipping, the DO probe will not drift and is more accurate than ever before.

No Complications

The latest Hach DO probe has a robust design with a smaller footprint allows for easier handling with enhanced durability.

For further details on how we can assist you in measuring DO in your process click here.

LDO Probe