Managing the Lifecycle of Process Instruments

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

All too often Processplus are called in at the end of an instruments lifecycle when the instrument is failing and jeopardising the whole operation.

A few easy steps would significantly improve the lifecycle of process instruments in any operation –

  • Instrument Specification - specifying the right instrument for the application to ensure it can handle variations in operating conditions and provides the correct measurements.
  • Instrument Operation - ensuring the operations team are properly trained to understand the purpose of the instrument and the data it is collecting.
  • Instrument Maintenance - routine maintenance, servicing and calibration is conducted according to instrument manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Operation Contingency Plan

Processplus work with leading process instrument manufacturers to ensure their team of engineers are fully trained and compliant to accurately provide specification for instruments as well as maintain, support and calibrate those instruments.

For further details contact our Operations Manager here.