Verifying the Calibration Accuracy

ABB Flowmeter Service

All flowmeters will have been calibrated when they are manufactured to check their performance under a known set of operating conditions.

Ardous processes can cause the instruments to drift, such that a failure to routinely take a device out of service and calibrate it could lead to operating downtime and a measurement error.

Working with ABB installing the magnetic flowmeter the MagMaster, Processplus are able to use the CalMaster system to verify the calibration accuracy without the need to interfere with its normal operation.

Routine data can be obtained from each flowmeter's perfomance and verifying that the original calibration data is still valid assists the operator to ensure they meet stringent auditing and all regulatory requirements.

A valuable diagnostic tool for preventive maintenance the Processplus team are fully trained in the operation and reporting of the CalMaster system.

ABB CalMaster