Effluent Treatment Complete Solution

Pumping Station - Instrumentation-Communication

A recent instrumentation project for a standalone site in the Highlands of Scotland saw our Engineering Division take on the complete solution for their effluent treatment site.

  • An upgrade on the pumping station with a new control system to allow for better visibility and control for operator.
  • Supply and Installation of P.H and DO sensors with VSD control and an online RTU.
  • Replace the old flowmeter (Siemens MAG310) and remote electronics with a new unit.
  • Supply & Installation of Siemens Hydroranger 200 HMI and XRS-5 with local pump control.
  • Communications – connect all instruments into a web based system to supply the PLC with all the measurements online.

Working with the client Processplus identified the supply of Xylem instrumentation for the pH/DO measurement would provide the best and most robost option for the environment, with a remote telemetry system from Omni Instruments, and upgrades for the existing flowmeters with the Siemens DN100, Siemens Hydroranger 200 HMI and the Siemens XRS-5.

The Scottish weather was kind to our engineers and the whole project was complete on time and within budget.

Effluent Treatment Upgrade