Customer Service Excels

Throughout the start of 2018 Processplus have been monitoring their customer service closely.

A core value throughout the company the action is not just to satisfy the customer requirement, but to delight and excel in delivery from sales, internal & external to engineering, installations & support.

Providing excellent and memorable customer service is important in all areas of our business and the customer feedback we have been receiving recently has proven the team are listening to our customers to ensure we over deliver time and time again.

“Another good job by your engineers Euan and Dave completed today” – Technical Support Specialist, North East Scotland.

"Many thanks for your time Andy I wish our other suppliers paid as much attention to detail" – Workshop Supervisor, Drilling Contractor

"The fast tracking option on Siemens instrumentation allowed us to meet our deadlines. Thank you to the Internal Sales team for their assistance" - Project Manager, Environmental Consultancy

Process Instrument Feedback