Sigrist Join Innovation & Technology Day

The Sigrist team will be attending the Processplus Innovation & Technology Day to showcase their Bactosense.

The Bactosense is an automatic flow cytometer which has been specially developed according to the needs of the water industry for the microbiological monitoring of drinking water. The entire program sequence – from sampling, adding reagent, mixing and incubation all the way through to measurement and cleaning – is carried out quickly and is fully automated. The measuring results are available after just 20 minutes. All manual processing steps can be omitted, removing the need for repetitive tasks and freeing up time for laboratory staff. The compact flow cytometer takes up little space and detects more than 99% of the bacterial cells. All operating materials (including waste material) are contained in a hermetically sealed, recyclable cartridge.

On Thursday 21st June from 1030 - 1430 at Processplus in Dunfermline the Sigrist team will be doing a short presentation on the Bactosense with questions and answers session with the Doctor who developed this innovative system. Would you like to join them? Click Here to book your place.

Automatic Flow Cytometer