Wastewater Sampler Solution

Working with an industry customer based in the Scottish Borders Processplus were asked to assist in providing a short term and a long term solution to ensure there was continuity in the wastewater sampling process on their site.

It was clear the purchase of a new wastewater sampler was required as the long term solution, but given the need for samples to be taken immediately Processplus were able to offer an Aquamatic Wastewater Sampler on hire until the new sampler was purchased and installed.

Working with the end user on site the Processplus engineers were able to confirm exact requirements for the sampler and use these specifications to set up and test the sampler in the Processplus workshop before delivering to the customer site.

The Aquamatic Wastewater Sampler offers the unique Aquacell Sampling module with key features including –

  • Essential high accuracy and repeatability of sample volume
  • All models are compliant with MCERTs standard for Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment
  • Compliant with the requirements of the International Standard for Wastewater Samplers
  • Unlimited sample volume due to ‘multiple shots per sample’ facility

Contact our Technical Team here to find out more about short term hire of our Wastewater Samplers.

Wastewater Sampler for Hire