The Most Compact Flowmeter In Brewing 

Siemens SITRANS FC430

Producing beer that demonstrates uniform taste, colour and consistency is one of the biggest and most important challenges faced by any brewery.

The Siemens Sitrans FC430 is the most compact flowmeter of its kind it is the first Coriolis meter from Siemens to use a digital signal for reduced noise interference.

A field test for the Siemens Sitrans FC430 within a brewery in Denmark provided the ideal environment for testing the stability of the meter due to constantly fluctuating flow rates and temperatures. Installed adjacent to the whirlpool within the operation to measure outbound wort.

The existing Coriolis meters were left in place to serve as reference points. The Sitrans FC430 was then subject to a rigorous series of assessments that were carried out multiple time over an 8 month period.

Providing density and temperature readings accurately, reliably and with good response times THE FC430 met the demands of brewing.

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Siemens FC430