Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring Exhibition Telford 2018

An impressive set up awaits you at stand 30/31 at WWEM 2018 where Processplus will be joined by Sigrist and Strathkelvin Instruments bringing you the latest technologies available to the industry.

Working with leading manufacturers the Processplus team will be showcasing their expertise as a one stop single source service provider. Their engineering team are trained and experienced on the leading manufacturer’s process instrumentation technology and can offer services from design to installation and servicing. With over 30 years’ experience Processplus pride themselves on providing first class quality, safe and innovative engineering solutions.

The unique backboard design on show will be fully functioning to demonstrate an array of instruments measuring flow, turbidity, pH, chlorine and level. Working with Siemens on stand 75/76 you will also experience the Siemens MindSphere in real time. This is a cloud based operating system that connects instruments, plants and systems enabling operators and management to harness the wealth of data generated through advanced analytics. Experience first-hand the capabilities of MindSphere when it collects the data from the process instruments on the Processplus stand allowing detailed analytics to be produced on the Siemens stand 75/76.

In addition to the latest from Siemens, the Sigrist team will be showcasing the state-of-the-art developments to their BactoSense Automated Flow Cytometer, which allows online process monitoring in raw water quality and water treatment processes, their ColorPlus 3 UV/Nitrate Monitor and their Oilguard 2 oil trace monitor.

And finally Processplus will be joined by Strathkelvin Instruments with their award winning Activated Sludge Plant Controller – the ASP Con. Already in use throughout the world the ASP-Con can measure 20+ parameters, ensure compliance, predict potential failures, optimise aeration energy consumption, and assist the plants continuous improvement. Meet Michael Dooley of Strathkelvin and let him demonstrate how the ASP-Con can be your best operator with 24/7 cover.

For further details please contact Kerry at kerry.myers@processplus.co.uk

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