Our Managing Director

Scott Sinclair is the backbone of Processplus having started with the company as a Support Engineer in 2001. He brings 30+ years of engineering experience and process instrumentation expertise to the table.

Over the past 14 months as Managing Director, Scott has proven his customer focused approach and innovative engineering solutions are essential for driving the business forward.

A refocus on the core values of the business - Customer Service, Safety, Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Leadership - has seen a positive response from the whole team.

Scott sums it up -

"It has been an exciting time with new members of the team, new projects and now new engineering premises. As we come to the end of our financial year we are looking forward to a very positive 2018"

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Processplus experienced in process instrumentation and engineering, delivering innovative engineering solutions to industries including utilities, process and manufacturing.

Scott Sinclair,Managing Director