Measuring Suspended Solids

Suspended Solids is simply a density measurement used to describe exactly how much waste sludge and particles are in the water.

Suspended Solids can be made up of both organic material (such as algae and plankton) and inorganic material (such as silt and sand) depending on the location, and on occasion high levels can occur naturally in some streams A lower measurement is best for healthy water.

Why Measure Suspended Solids?

If there is too much sludge, or too high a concentration of suspended solids, the plant becomes overloaded and the sludge will be not be treated properly and the desired results will not be obtained.

Regularly measuring Suspended Solids concentration is essential in ensuring you can react quickly to any changes in the process which is key in maintaining an efficient, and environmentally-friendly treatment plant.

Wastewater plants also monitor suspended solids concentration in order to meet consent requirements. All plants have government imposed limitations on the concentration of solids leaving the plant.

Working with industry leaders Partech Processplus are able to offer a number of suspended solid measurement solutions including the Partech 7300 monitor, Turbitechw LA sensor and 740 portable suspended solids monitor.

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Partech Suspended Solids