Siemens Sitrans LR560 Radar Level Measurement

Why is the Sitrans LR560 is leading the way in Radar Level Technology?

The Sitrans LR560 radal is an easy and reliable way to measure level in solids.

The technology used means the LR560 is the worlds first Hi Frequency 78GHz radar with a narrow 4o beam angle. It follows it is suirable for mounting almost anywhere within your tank or silo.

The Siemens SITRANS LR560 radar level transmitter is a state of the art, 2-wire, loop powered instrument for continuous solids level measurement. The LR560 radar transmitter provides a measurement solution for levels of virtually any solids material to a range of 100 m (328 ft).

The instrument is designed to allow simple and safe programming with an intuitive Quick Start Wizard and echo profile display for diagnostic support

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Siemens LR560