Siemens Demo Truck Joins Processplus Open Day 


Processplus are bringing process instruments and analytical products innovation to our customers at our Dunfermline HQ.

The state of the art Siemens Demonstration Truck showcases the Siemens Process Instruments and Analytical Products. It will join the team at Processplus on Thursday 22nd June from 1030am and a number of other suppliers to showcase their products. Siemens offers an entire spectrum of process plant products and systems for every industry. Minimising engineering time, lowering production costs and providing the end user with greater flexibility.

Processplus are inviting all their clients to join them on the day and meet the teams from Siemens, Malvern Instruments, Multisensor, and IRISS to showcase their innovative instruments to assist in process.

A full timetable for the day will be available shortly.

If you would like to attend the day please email your details to

Siemens Demo Truck Scotland
Process Optimisation