Another Success Story! 

Replacement pH Instruments for Coagulant Dosing

With our substantial knowledge and experience in the design and installation of process critical instrumentation, Processplus were the obvious choice to carry out a pH instrumentation replacement project that would have a direct impact on the performance of critical water treatment works.

A number of treatment works required the replacement of ageing and increasingly unreliable pH instrumentation that were measuring the pH of the process water following the dosing of either Aluminium Sulphate or Ferric Sulphate coagulants at the raw water stage.

The decision was taken by the operators to replace single pH instruments with two new pH instruments, configured on a Duty/Duty Manual Selection basis. This arrangement enabled the on-site Operations Team to isolate one instrument for calibration purposes, and also allowed for maintenance on one instrument without compromising plant performance.

At a number of the sites a single RMS pH instrument was replaced by a new Duty/Duty RMS pH assembly, with a dedicated IFM Flow Switch to indicate the validity of the sample stream through the instruments.

On one site an existing and unsupported E&H instrument was replaced by a self-cleaning Duty/Duty ATi pH instrument assembly. In addition a dosing control PID loop had to be re-tuned to optimise plant performance at this site.

The challenges at each site differed slightly so our engineers designed, installed, and commissioned, solutions for each site specification.

Processplus provide client services across the entire data chain starting at the point of measurement through to the presentation of validated information at the point of decision making.

pH Instrument Upgrade