Remote Monitoring Level Solution

Ensuring Process Success & Environmental Compliance

Processplus are often contacted to assist customers with ensuring they meet the strict and necessary regulations enforced by the local regulating authority.

A recent project on a disused coal mine required Processplus to design, install, and maintain an instrument solution to ensure the discharge consents were within the parameters set by SEPA.

Processplus surveyed the site to assess the access requirements, compile a scope of works to provide the regulatory measurement and discharge consent.

As an Approved Siemens Partner Processplus were able to supply and install Siemens flow metering on all the discharge points from the mine.

The overall project provided a cost effective and accurate solution using market leading technology and common interfaces to ensure the ease of usability for the local site operators.

The project will be available in our Case Studies section shortly.

Siemens Hydro-ranger 200 HMI
Disused Coal Mine Site - SEPA Regs