Product of the Month - December

The ABB Aztec 600

The ABB Aztec 600 Colorimetric iron anlayser enables accurate control of iron removal processes and residual coagulent monitoring.

ABB's instinictive menu-driven software, unique self cleaning Aztec fluid handling system, simple operation and maintenance makes this analyser a popular anaytical measurement solution.

Benefits include:

  • Analysis of up to 3 sample streams
  • Automatic 2-point calibration
  • Automatic background colour compensation
  • Automatic sample dilution to maximise range
  • Self-cleaning measurement system
  • Intuitive software with full colour graphical display
  • Data logging & graphical process trending
  • Full audit trail capability
  • Secure data archiving to SD card

Call our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825 343 or email for further information on the full range of ABB Aztec 600 Series.

ABB Aztec 600
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