Innovation & Technology Day Agenda

An exciting array of instrumentation manufacturers will be joining Processplus on Thursday 21st June for our Innovation & Technology Day and now the presentation agenda has been confirmed.

1030 - IRISS - Award Winning Manufacturer IRISS will be presenting Condition Based Moniitoring

1100 - Syrinix - leading innovators in the field of pipeline monitoring solutions present a range of tailored asset management solutions used for the detection, location and risk management of events on water networks including leaks, bursts, pressure surges and other anomalies.

1130 - Strathkelvin Instruments - Introducing the ASP-CON (Activated Sludge Plant Controller) capable of carrying out several continuous measurements, and also analysing discrete batch samples of product to give the a number of parameters including DO, temperature, and ammonium on a frequency which the plant operator can set.

12 noon - Sigrist - A detailed look at the Bactosense, the first automated flow cytometer for microbiological monitoring of drinking water with results available after only 30 minutes with Dr Thomas Egli from Bactosense.

1230 - Upturn Consulting - leading business improvement specialists will be presenting on streamlining business processes and how they can assist in delivering significant operational savings with automation.

1300 - Siemens - Steve Howes will be demonstrating the Siemens Simatic PDM. Offering the basis for date and condition acquisition from the field devices. Providing diagnostics, condition and parameter data that can be used for preventative maintenance.

1330 - Malvern Panalytical - Adam Hall will be introducing The Zetasizer. A ground breaking fully automated online sensor for continuous zeta potential monitoring that enables proactive, precise and cost efficient control of the charge neautralization processes on the plant.

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