Non-Compliance is Costly

Monitoring Water & Waste Discharge

Do you know what your operation is discharging into the environment? Are you within the regulations specified by the environmental agency?

A recent case in Herefordshire saw a farm ordered to pay more than £62,000 in fines after being found to be polluting the river with hundreds of tonnes of digestate. More than 15,200 fish were killed as a result of this incident.

At Processplus we offer monitoring solutions that can assist in preventing non-compliance by monitoring the discharge that your operation is producing.

Our team of experienced process instrument engineers can assess your requirement, install the instruments/devices and offer ongoing support to ensure you are always on the right side of legislation.

From septic tanks to treatment plants consented discharge into controlled waters has conditions.

Non-compliance is costly don't get caught out contact us now for further details.

Danger Non-Compliance