Risk Reduction - IR Windows

A recent case study from IRISS entitled "IRISS Reaches For The Sky with UK Automotive Manufacturer to Improve Preventative Maintenance Strategy" highlighted the importance of safely and efficiently managing routine inspections on critical electrical infrastructure.

Arc flash incidents are on the increase and in this particular case an arc flash incident on a transformer resulted in the cable connection door being dislodged by the high pressure levels that occurred.

Management called in IRISS to evaluate the situation and propose a solution to assist in preventing another Arc flash.

IRISS IR CAP windows are a series of infrared windows that are the largest standard sized IR windows available in the market. The preferred solution in this case, they provide unparalleled field of view, their exclusive industrial-grade with reinforced polymer optic allows any thermographic camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside electrical equipment.

Processplus have recently been named as the Scottish supplier IRISS IR windows. Contact us now for further details.

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