The Next Standard in the Evolution of Turbidity

The new TU5 Series Lab & Process Turbidimeters deliver unprecedented confidence.

Processplus Internal Sales team and Engineers were joined by Adrian from Hach and his team os specialists who showcased the latest Hach TU5 series turbidimeters.

The TU5 series employs a unique optical design that see more of your sample than any other tubidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimising variablility from test to test. Groundbreaking detection technology.

Reducing the time need to get a turbidity measurement you can rely on, with 98% less online sample surface area to clean, sealed vials for calibration and the elimination of the need for indexing and silicone oil in the lab.

A smaller online sample volume also means you will detect changes almost immediately and be able to take the relevant action to resolve.

For further information on the TU5 Series Turbidimeters contact our Technical Sales Team on 01383 825343.