Latest AMTAX Training 

Lewis one of our Senior Engineers welcomed the Service Engineers from Hach to assist with maintenance to the Hach AMTAX.

The Hach AMTAX Ammonia analyser offers a high quality, fast and reliable ammonium measurement. This fast response time is crucial for the control of nutrient removal within wastewater treatment.

Working with Hach, Processplus took this opportunity to engage with the product specialists to ensure they had a full understanding and knowledge on the benefits of using the AMTAX.

With a wide detection limit for a variety of wastewater and drinking water applications the AMTAX is designed to be easy to install at the measurement point. Offering a weatherproof and lockable case the AMTAX can be installed right at the basin and withstand the toughest of climates. Fitted with a self-cleaning filter that is automatic and comprehensive self-diagnostics the analyser also benefits from being low maintenance.

AMTAX Ammonia Analyser