Introducing our Scottish Grand Master

Hew Bishop lines up for Scotland.

Introducing Hew Bishop (top back right) one of our Project Managers who is part of the Scottish Hockey team participating in the Grand Masters European Cup In Glasgow!

World Grand Masters events are a pinnacle of competitive sport for over 60s. Many of the competitors are former internationalists and continue to be involved in the participation and adminsitration of the sport in their countries.

Hew joins the Scottish team alongside 57 other teams in 2 competitions over 9 days on 4 pitches at the world class National Hockey Centre, Glasgow from 19th to 27th August, 2017. Check out their website for full details

This record breaking event sees the largest number of players ever to participate in a single hockey event and is currently offering sponsorship opportunities for any business who want to get involved.

Opportunities include -

  • Livestream sponsor
  • Real time Clip Sponsor
  • Player of the Match Sponsor
  • Goal of the Day Sponsor

There is something to suit all budgets so show your support and get in touch if you would like to get involved!

Grand Masters Scotland