For safer, more efficient, electrical inspection

Processplus have recently been named as the Scottish supplier for the American Award Winning solution provider IRISS.

IRISS design and manufacture Infrared (IR) windows and safety solutions for electrical assets. Their industrial-grade IR windows facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energised electrical equipment when compared to traditional crystal windows.

The patented IRISS reinforced optic is flexible and can be manufactured in a number of shapes and sizes to allow customer solutions that meet the specific needs and applications of the site which in turn allows safe access to energised targets previously considered impossible to access.

Key Benefits of the IRISS Custom Solutions IR Windows include -

  • Monitoring procedure is faster, non-invasive and safer - reducing the risk
  • Saving your team time and money
  • Faults are more accurately identified
  • Maintenance work can be undertaken without compromising safety

Check out IRISS case studies to demonstrate how this solution can help your business and give us a call today to chat through your requirement - 01383 825343.

Detecting Electrical Faults