Energy Saving Solution

Siemens Sitrans LUT400 Range

Did you know?

Water and Wastewater treatment works are one of the largest energy consumers in most cities so any savings can have a wider impact.

What process do we recommend to provide energy saving?

The process of economy pumping allows compliance with environmental regulations and minimises energy used in peak tariff periods.

How does it work?

The pumping process is controlled to ensure maximum efficiency and energy savings. The process takes place when the wells are down to the lowest level before the premium rate period starts, thereby maximising the well's storage capacity.

What energy solution saving can we supply to help?

The Siemens Sitrans LUT400 ultrasonic controller features two models that control economy pumping patterns. The Siemens LUT430 level, and the Siemens Sitrans LUT440 high accuracy open chanel monitor. Together they provide a full suite of advanced level, volume, flow and pump controls.

Sitrans LUT400