Instrumentation Upgrade Success

Flow Monitoring, Suspended Solids & Sludge Level Measurements

A recent project on the outskirts of Edinburgh involved a complete upgrade of the existing instrumentation to monitor flow as well as suspended solids and sludge level measurements.

After our initial site survey, we provided a detailed plan which included flow measurements at the inlet and outlet of the works, sludge level monitors at the RBC and primary settlement tanks, including suspended solids level monitoring at the final settlement tank.

Siemens instruments were used for the flow measurement and Partech instruments were selected for the suspended solids and sludge level measurements.

Our commissioning engineer attended site to configure instrument set-points and alarms. We were able tio calibrated the suspended solids instrument and will provide ongoing maintenance support to ensure the longevity of the instruments.

Processplus worked with the client to ensure all objectives were met within in the agreed timescale and to the highest standard.

Processplus excel at providing quality, safe and innovative engineering solutions.

Partech - suspended solids & sludge level measurements.